Should I learn to build my own website?

Is it a good idea to build your own website

A few years ago when I decided to setup a website, I tried the DIY route. It took me a few weeks but I did it and at that time I was quite proud of myself. In hindsight though, I regret it. The weeks I spent learning how to build my website distracted me from the more important tasks like developing our mailing lists, calling leads, establishing vendor relationships, pricing out distributors, seeking better terms, comparing shipping rates etc. I should have spent that time in growing my business and improving my profitability and should have outsourced web development. Companies like InterloperInc. can build a website for small businesses for very little. I thought I saved money. But in reality I lost money in lost revenues and lost profitability.


Why should I outsource my web-development?

Outsource web development

You can have a full-time developer if you can justify the cost. Depending on your location, the city and country that you are located in and the strength of the local labor market, having a full-time web-developer could be expensive for a small company. If you are a big company, you will not only have one but multiples, and you can justify it but if you are a small business, are you sure you can justify a full-time web-developer? If you can, nothing like it, go for it. But if you cannot, then what do you do?

People see those Ads on TV and say why don’t I do it myself. This seems easy. Many start but soon realize this takes time. That’s how you see so many unfinished websites around the internet. You may even build a simple website on your own, but soon you realize it requires maintenance, better security, and you have to keep up with changing technology. After a while you realize all this web stuff is taking you away from whatever you are good at and as a result your business is suffering.

Why should I outsource web development
Outsource web development

Wouldn’t you be better off investing your time in a much better way? Let’s say you end up spending two hours a day on learning how to develop a simple website. Can that two hours be better utilized in doing what you know best? Let us say you are a hairdresser – in those two hours how many new clients can you service and send follow-up emails to . Let’s say you are an accountant, how many more accounts can you do in that, how many billable hours. If you are a mechanic, if you are a body shop, no matter what your business is. Lets say you are spending two hours a day. Can those two hours be billable hours? Can you do something more in those two hours that will give you more bang for the buck? Think about it.

Time is value – why waste your time?

Outsource web development to those who can do it better, after all, people give you their work. Whatever you are doing, maybe people can do it or figure it out by themselves. They give that job or work to you because they think you can do it better. Similarly, you should outsource if you think others can do it better and use your time where you think you get the biggest bang for the buck.

Our mantra is ‘Do what you do best and Outsource the rest – to us of course

Good Luck!

Why should I outsource web development
Outsource web development

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Tip to grow your ecommerce business

Ecommerce tip - how to synchronize inventory on eBay, Amazon,Rakuten, Google shopping,

As you know, the more people see your products, the better your chances of making a sale. To do that, you can upload products to marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon etc. But inventory synchronization can become a nightmare. This year we started using a SaaS product called that pulls product data from our PHP based custom ecommerce site and uploads it to their database. From there, they push it to Ebay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Shopping etc. This helped synchronize our inventory across all marketplaces and now we are listing inventory and prices accurately. This helped us reduce order cancellations, improved feedback on marketplaces and our ratings on eBay.

How to watch TV in bed without disturbing others

watch TV in bed without disturbing others

How can you watch TV in bed without disturbing your partner or roommate? You can try dimming the screen if the brightness is the problem or switch to watching on your iPad or tablet. However, from my personal experience, the problem is oftentimes the sound, not the brightness. If that is the case, the answer is quite simple. Just find yourself a good pair of wireless headphones.

Watch TV with a wireless headset
Wireless Headset

There are many options available on the market but our favorite is the The Unisar TV920 Infrared Wireless Headphones. Valued at only $79.99, they are a cordless infrared headphone system that lets you enjoy your TV or music without disturbing others. Connect the transmitter to the TV audio output, put on the headphones and enjoy watching TV without the sound disturbing others.

Some people as they age are hard of hearing and turn on the TV volume too high. That distrubs others. This wireless headphone set will let you watch TV and listen at a volume that is comfortable for you without disturbing others.

Your partner needs one too? Hmmm – maybe they would like to listen to a volume that suits them better. Buy an additional headset and you can both have your own volume settings.

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14 Bay External Drive Enclosure

14 Bay External Drive Enclosure

An external drive enclosure is the physical case that houses and powers a hard drive. The enclosure contains the electronics and interfaces that allow a hard drive to connect to a computer. They are also called disk enclosures or drive enclosures.

For businesses, multi-bay external hard drive enclosures can be used to cluster hard drives for network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SANs) and RAID.

Most computers come with space for 1 or 2 hard drvies. For storage intensive applications or networks, drive enclosures can provide the required additional storage. Disk enclosures also have the following advantages and capabilities: 

  • They can be easily connected to video game systems and digital multimedia recorders
  • They can add redundant array of independent disk (RAID) capabilities to computers that do not have RAID controllers
  • They allow non-networked computers to easily transfer data from one computer to another
  • They add a removable backup capability with a distinct power source from the connected computer
  • They reduce cooling requirements inside the computer
  • They support hot swapping with an inexpensive and simple configuration
  • They provide physical protection for hard drives

If you are looking for an external drive enclosure for your business, here is a great example.

Bex-CD-14B with the following features:

14 Bay External Drive Enclosure
14 Bay External Drive Enclosure

For 3.5″ hard drives, IDE or SCSI, or

5.25″ DVD burners or CD-ROM drives

14 x 5.25″ Drive Bays

Use it for a RAID setup or regular stand alone

It comes with 4 rear cooling fans, two power supplies with a LED light and weighs 40lbs. To purchase, click  

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  or go to the following link

We hope this article was helpful. Good luck!