Motherboard Tyan S1854

Tyan S1854 motherboard

PIII motherboard with 1 ISA Slot, 1 AGP, 6 PCI

Tyan S1854 motherboard with 1 ISA slot

  • Storage:
    • Two 40-pin IDE connectors for up to 4 drives
    • PIO Mode 3/4, UltraDMA 33/66 supported
    • ATAPI IDE CD-ROM and LS-120 supported
  • Rear Panel I/O Ports:
    • Stacked parallel (1), serial (2)
    • Two USB ports
    • Stacked keyboard and mouse ports
  • Internal I/O Interface:
    • One floppy connector supports up to two drives: microfloppy support via optional cable

  • Regulatory:
    • FCC Class B (Declaration of Conformity)
    • European CE (Declaration of Conformity)

  • BIOS:
    • Award BIOS on 2Mbit Flash EEPROM
    • Plug and Play; IDE drive auto configure
    • APM 1.2 / ACPI 1.0 / PC99 compliant
    • Soft power-down; multiple boot options
    • DMI 2.0 compliant






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Motherboard Specifications

  • Model:
    • Tyan S1854 Slot 1 Legacy Motherboard with one ISA slot
  • Processor Support:
    • Slot 1 (SECC/SECC-2) and PGA370 ZIF socket
    • Supports Intel® Pentium® III, Intel® II ** or Intel® Celeron processors; onboard VRM (VRM 8.4 spec)
    • Two onboard VRMs (VRM 8.4 spec)
  • Chipset:
    • VIA Apollo Pro 133A
    • VT82C694X & VT82C596B
    • Winbond W83977EF Super I/O controller
  • FSB:
    • 100Mhz/133MHz
    • Does not support older Slot 1 Pentium II’s with 2.8V core voltage, does not support cooling fan included with Socket 370 boxed Intel processors.
  • Memory:
    • Three 3.3V unbuffered 168-pin DIMM Sockets
    • PC133/PC100 compliant SDRAM support
    • Supports up to 768MB PC100/133
  • Expansion Slots:
    • One 2x/4x AGP 2.0 Slot
    • Six 32-bit PCI 2.1 Bus Mastering Slots
    • One 16-bit ISA slot
    • All slots support full length add-on cards
    • Total of seven usable slots

  • System Management:
    • 3-pin Wake on LAN header
    • 3-pin Wake on Ring header
  • Form Factor:
    • ATX footprint (12″x8.3″); 4-layer board
    • 20-pin ATX power connector
    • Type “C” I/O Shield (Intel Caymen Compatible)
    • Stacked ATX I/O Connectors

Nortel Norstar M7310

Nortel M7310 (NT8B20AF-03)

This fully featured telephone is designed for users with more extensive calling and call handling requirements. In addition to 10 programmable line or feature buttons, 12 dual-function memory buttons provide quick access to 24 additional features or autodial numbers, ideal for users who often call the same customers, suppliers, or accounts. With its two-line by sixteen-character LCD Window and softkeys, the M7310 is extremely easy to use.

Technical Specifications

Compatible Platforms: Norstar Integrated Communications Systems
Dialer Location: Base
Dialer Type: Keypad
Type: Digital phone

Character Qty: 16
Color Support: Monochrome
Display Location: Base
Line Qty: 2
Type: LCD display

Brand: Nortel
Manufacturer: Avaya Data Products
Model: M7310
Packaged Quantity: 1
Product Line: Nortel Norstar

Telephone Memory
Programmable Line Button Qty: 10

Additional Functions: Intercom
Call Hold: Yes
Call Services: Call Hold
Function Buttons: Hold button , Intercom button , Memory button , Mute button , Program button
Intercom: Yes
Programmable Buttons Qty: 12
Ringer Control: Yes
Speakerphone: Yes
Speakerphone Type: Digital duplex
Volume Control: Yes

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TEAC FD-05HF-4630-U Substitute

TEAC FD-05HF-4630-U Substitute

“Picture is for representation only. Not a picture of the actual item”

Laptop floppy drive, 3.5″, 1.44MB. No front bezel. Same dimensions and connector as the TEAC FD-05HF-4630-U. Guaranteed to work. If not, send them back for a refund.


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Power Supply AOpen AO300-09TN

AOpen AO300-09TN power supply

AOpen AO300-09TN power supply

300 Watt 20+4 pin ATX power supply with 4 pin and SATA connectors

•300 Watt power output
•90 mm Fan
•One (1) 12-inch 20+4-pin ATX power connector
•One (1) 12-inch 4-pin ATX12V power connector
•One (1) SATA connector
•Four (4) 4-pin large Molex power connectors
•Two (2) small floppy drive power connectors
•2-pin fan power connector
•Temperature Sensor

•Power Specifications:
•115/230V switchable power supply
•AC Input: 115/220-240V, 7/3.5A, 50/60Hz
•Maximum DC Output: 300W
•+3.3V, 20.0A
•+5V, 20.0A
•+12V1, 8.0A
•+12V2, 14.0A
•-12V, 0.8A
•+5Vsb, 2.0A

•Unit Dimensions:
•3.2″ x 4.5″ x 5.9″ (H x W x D)

•Regulatory Approvals:

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