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An Inexpensive Solution for Your Computing Needs

A barebone PC

Barebones PC, Bare bones PCBarebone PCs can range from an entry level computer containing a mainboard, case (desktop or tower), power supply and CPU to a high end complete solution to meet your needs, that may be a tower or desktop with all the components, (CD Drive, Floppy driver, VGA, LAN, Audio etc.) installed, without software or operating system. It is less expensive to assemble or buy a barebone PC than purchasing an already configured computer from a store, and could also save time and labor compared with building a new non branded systems.

Barebones computer is a good choice, if you have some experience with assembling a computer or havecheap barebones pc, bare bones PCs basic knowledge and want to explore the “inside” of a PC, if you are capable to setup your hard disk drive and can install operating system, software packages and system drivers.

It is a fairly easy to assemble when you buy a pre-fitted barebone PC with a motherboard, casing and CPU, you do not need to work with the jumper settings, wire settings or voltage settings etc. as all these settings are already done. So, it can be assembled in an hour or in a few which saves your time while giving you more experience.

It would be advantageous in a way that you will enjoy the process of assembling a computer with your own hands and you would be able to learn more about the technical structure of your own pc. It will help in dealing the any potential problem with the hardware, if happens in the future. However, the chances are very less for a hardware problem occurrence.

Buying a barebone PC of your own choice, based on your needs and software requirement will save money and time, as you will use the already available hardware parts, peripherals, input/output devices and software packages available with you.

Barebone pc, barebones PCYou can also get a barebones pc which is completely assembled, you just have to install operating systems and software applications and your PC is ready to work. Resultantly, you will get a pc meeting your desires, if you buy a barebone PC.

There may be some cons as to so many pros of bare bone computes. But they are not really a big deal and can be eliminated with a little effort.

A barebone PC is not a suitable for you, if you are not aware of internal computer hardware, wiring system, installing RAM, Drives and other Peripherals and feel it hard to fix a pc. In case of Barebone PC you cannot always rely on the parts that come with a kit, only if they are not from a reliable retailer.

The motherboard could have been repaired or old parts could be installed on the kit, which can cause trouble in future. If you buy a barebone PC from a trustworthy retailer there will be nothing problematic.

One of the problems concerning barebone PC sometimes initiate from mixed parts. computers that are assembled with a combination of old, new or refurbished parts, such as the main board (motherboard), hard drive or input/output (I/O) cards can cause the computer to run slower. However, a user with some technical know-how most probably would not face the problem, as he/she understand his/her need and making a PC meeting his requirement. barebone computer systems, inexpensive solutions, barebone pc,

Off-brand barebones manufacturers usually do not provide a standard warranty program. In fact a warranty may be as short as 90 days. On the other hand a reliable and well known manufacturer can also provide a warranty as long as to one year, based on the various factors with the provided package.

If you are looking forward to build up a computer system assembled to meet your needs for computing, “Interloper” offer you a complete range of barebones computers. We have best stock of barebone PCs and other components. Whatever, you are up to, whether, you want to build a gaming PC with excellent Graphics support, or a high end PC for your business or an entry level computer system for home use, you will find the required hardware in our barebone PCs / components stock.

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Samsung SFD-321S Internal Laptop Floppy Drive



Samsung SFD-321S Internal Laptop Floppy Drive, SFD-321S/LG/PC4 Laptop Floppy Drives

Samsung SFD-321S Internal Laptop Floppy Drive


  • Double sided, Dual Density
  • 1/2 inch height ultra slim
  • Low power comsumption
  • Industry standard interface compatibility
  • Low accoustic noise
  • Fit most laptops
  • Refurbished, 90-day warranty


Tyan S2735G3NR-8M Motherboard for sale, price and availability,

Coolermaster ATC-620C-BX1 black desktop case

Black desktop case for home theater PC

Looks more like a home audio/video device rather than a computer

Coolermaster ATC-620C-BX1 black computer case for home theater systems, theatre pc, chassis,

Ideal case for building a home theater computer system.


  • Material: Front bezel is aluminum and acrylic. The rest of the body is steel.
  • Drive Bays:
    – 5.25″ bays: 2 external
    – 3.5″ bays: 1 external, 2 internal
  • Expansion Slots: 4 standard size
  • motherboard Type: Micro-ATX compatible
  • I/O Bracket: Standard ATX
  • Power Supply: 400W P4 & Athlon compatible
  • Cooling:
    60 x 60 x 25 mm fan attached at the back for exhaust
    – Side slats
  • USB port: Two USB and one IEEE 1394 port in the front along with audio jacks.
  • Weight:Case : 6.5 Kg
  • Dimensions:
    – (WxHxD): 16.7″ x 5.5″ x 17.5″
    – (WxHxD): 423 mm x 140 mm x 445 mm

  Tyan S2735G3NR-8M Motherboard for sale, price and availability,

Chaintech 7AIVo Motherboard

Chaintech 7AIVo motherboard


  • BIOS:
    • 2Mb Boot-Block Flash ROM
    • Award System BIOS, supports PnP, APM, DMI,ACPI & Multi-device booting features i.e. floppy, LS120, CD-ROM, HDD(IDE, SCSI), ZIP-ATAPI etc.
    • Includes Trend ChipAway Virus protection for virus-free boot and virus free operating system
    • BIOS Wonder technology including ChipAway Virus, Flash BIOS Write Protect, Embedded Flash Utility.
  • Hardware Monitoring:
    • 5 external voltage inputs for CPU Vcore, VDD, +12v, +5v and 3.3v (internal detecting)
    • 2 temperature sensor with thermistor for System
    • 2 Fan speed (CPU and System) monitoring
  • Accessories:
    • Poly-fuse over-current protection with error warning for keyboard circuitry
    • Complete Data Security:
      • Flash BIOS write protection against unauthorized access
      • Trend ChipAway Virus for a 100% virus free system boot-up
      • Embbeded Flash Utility ease the upgrade way and solve the incompatibility between flash type and flash utility
    • Advanced Management Features: Power-On events:
      • WOL(Wake-on-LAN) network card, Modem ring, RTC Alarm
      • Software power-off control for Win95
      • Over-ride power button
      • Three states advanced Power-failure recovery: Always On, Always Off, Last state
      • Chassis intrusion detection with mnemonics during power loss
      • Blinking Power-LED in suspend

motherboard Specifications

  • Model:
    • Chaintech 7AIVo
  • Processor Support:
    • Supports AMD Socket A processors up to 1GHz
    • 100MHz DDR (Double Data Rate) transfer on K7 CPU address and data buses
    • High efficiency switching power modules provides 1.6v for Vcc and up to 42A for Icc
  • Chipset:
    • VIA Apollo KM133 (VT8365/686A) two chip AGPset
  • FSB:
    • 200 MHz
  • Memory:
    • Two 3.3V 168-pin DIMM sockets support up to 1GB
    • Supports PC-100, PC-133 SDRAM, and VCM
    • Provides single-bit ECC capability
  • Expansion Slots:
    • One 32-bit AGP slot for both 2x/4xAGP at 3.3v or 1.5v (Rev 2.0 compliant)
    • Three 32-bit PCI slots (Rev 2.2 compliant)
    • One ISA slot
  • On-Board Audio:
    • CMedia 8738 audio chip w/ integrated CODEC legacy audio SB16/Pro compatible
    • Programmable independent sample rate form 4KHz to 48KHz for record and playback
    • Full-duplex operation for simultaneous recording and playback
    • DLS-based wavetable music synthesizer w/ maximum 32 simultaneous notes, supports MS DirectMusic (Wavetable technology licensed from ERSO w/ General MIDI 128 sounds, 8 drum kit)
    • 32-voice HRTF 3D positional audio, CRL 3D supports MS DirectSound3D, Aureal A3D and Creative EAX(Environment Audio Extensions) APIs
    • Supports 24-bit S/PDIF-in/out for digital audio (for ex. compressed AC3 data)
    • 4-Channel speaker audio support is easy to build up a Home Theater environment
    • Supports MIDI and dual game ports
    • Embedded 32OHM .5w earphone amplifier
    • PCI V2.1 compliant and full Legacy DOS software compatible
    • Supports Fiber Optic module for Internet music, PC, and MD connections
  • Rear Panel I/O Ports:
    • Double Stack Back-Panel I/O Connectors with PC99 Colored Codes
    • PS/2 Mini-DIN keyboard and mouse ports
    • Two Channel USB ports
    • Two D-SUB 9-pin male serial port
    • One D-SUB 25-pin female Printer port
    • One D-SUB 15-pin female Game/MIDI port
    • Audio Line-out, Line-in, Mic-in jacks
  • Internal I/O Interface:
    • Embedded Ultra DMA-66 PCI IDE controller
    • Supports two IDE ports up to 4 ATAPI devices
    • Supports up to PIO Mode 4 up to 16.6MBps, Multi-Word Mode 4 up to 66MBps with bus mastering
    • Bus Master software drivers for all common multi-task operating systems
    • Embedded Super I/O Functions
    • Two UARTs support two serial ports and IR function for HPSIR and ASKIR
    • One parallel supports SPP/ECP/EPP
    • One floppy disk drive connector supports up to 2.88MB, Japanese 3- Mode and 1Mbps transfer rate
  • Form Factor:
    • Micro ATX form factor,9.61” x 8.66 (244mm x 220mm, 4 Layers

 Tyan S2735G3NR-8M Motherboard for sale, price and availability,

FIC AZ31 Motherboard – Compaq part # 217155-001 or 217155-002


motherboard Image

motherboard Specifications

FIC AZ31 Socket A Motherboard, Primarily used in Compaq Desktops. Compaq Part # 217155-001 or 217155-002. Also called Compaq Uwave motherboard.

Primarily used in Compaq Desktops. Compaq Part # 217155-001 or 217155-002. Also called Compaq Uwave motherboard.


    AMD Duronâ„¢ Socket A 600~750MHz@200MHz FSB

    AMD Athlonâ„¢ Socket A 700MHz~1GHz@200MHz FSB


    VIA Apollo KT133A & 686A


    3 DIMM; up to 1.5GB PC133 SDRAM


    1 x AGP

    3 32-bit Master PCI bus slots

  • I/O:

    2 serial ports, 1 parallel port


    Integrated audio in the VIA 686A


    Ultra DMA 33/66; DMA Mode 2/4 support


    microATX Form Factor: 9.6″ x 9.5″

  • BIOS:

    ACPI 1.0B, APM 1.2, PnP 1.0a, SMBIOS 2.3, DMI 2.0, WfM2.0,

    Smart for HDD, USB 1.1, PC99, PCI 2.2




Tyan S2735G3NR-8M Motherboard for sale, price and availability,