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Seagate U Series ST340823A 40GB IDE Hard Drive Part# 810162

Seagate U series ST340823A 40GB IDE Hard Drive


Seagate U Series ST340823A 40GB IDE Hard Drive
The U Series 5 is the industry's best value for the volume PC and consumer electronics markets. At 20 GB/platter, U Series 5 is available in capacities up to 40 GB. U Series 5 delivers a 372 Mbits/sec internal transfer rate with 5400 RPM performance. For PCs, U Series 5 operates as quietly as 2.9 bels with seeks that are virtually indistinguishable from idle acoustics.
  • Capacity:          40 GB
  • Speed:              5400 rpm
  • Seek time:         8.9 ms avg
  • Interface:           UltraATA/100
  • 8.9 msec seek, 330 Mb/sec internal transfer rate
  • 20 GB/platter - Delivers up to 40 GB of storage in a value-priced 2-platter design.
  • 2.9 bels idle, 3.1 bels seek acoustics.
  • G-Force Protection.
  • Sound Barrier Technology.
  • 350 Gs nonoperating shock.
  • Enhanced DST. 
  • Best combination of performance, acoustics, robustness and value.
  • "Sound barrier technology" (SBT) for industry's quietest acoustics.
  • 5400 RPM for excellent performance.
Physical Specifications
Height 26.1 mm
Width 101.85 mm
Length 147 mm
Weight 0.59 kg
Transfer Rates
Internal Transfer Rate (max) 376 Mbits/sec
External (I/O) Transfer Rate (max) 100 MBytes/sec
Avg Formatted Transfer Rate 14.5 MBytes/sec

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