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Basic legacy computer with serial port for low power DOS or Windows 95, Windows 98 applications

Legacy Computer for DOS & Windows95 Apps
Part# 55290010
Price: $349

Yamaha CRW3200UX 24x10x40x External USB CD-RW Drive Yamaha External CD Writer 24x10x40

Part# 847220

Price: $75

cpu motherboard combo kit - Low speed solution for DOS applications or Windows 95/98.

CPU + Motherboard kits with ISA slots
Part# various
Price: $99 & up

black combo drive CDRW and DVD drive in black Samsung CDRW / DVD combo drive. Black

Part# 847668

Price: $74

barebone pc with cpu, bare bone computer, barebone system Barebone PC with AMD Duron 1.6GHz

Part# 321041

Price: $199

4u rackmount case with 8 drive bays, 4u rack mount chassis with eight drive bays
4U rackmount chassis with 8 drive bays

Part# 621424
Price: $199

Compaq Armada 7792DMT used laptops refurbished laptop Compaq Armada 7790DMT

Part# 911013

Price: $259
refurbished laptop ibm thinkpad 600e used laptop IBM ThinkPad 600

Part# 911352
Price: $299

refurbished dell laptops, used laptops, used notebook

Dell Latitude PII 400

Part# 911016
Price: $475

external hard drive case enclosure for ide drives usb External USB case for IDE hard drives

Part# 620713
Price: $69

256mb pc-133 sdram dimm, pc133 sdram 256MB SDRAM PC133 Memory Module

Part# 510755
Price: $73

PCI TV Tuner, internal tv tuner and fm radio

PCI TV Tuner & FM radio

Part# 530593
Price: $52

Avermedia USB 300 TV Tuner, external usb tv tuner

Part# 530594
Price: $119

3com 3cxm756 pcmcia modem for laptops

3COM 56K PC Card modem for laptops

Part# 710294
Price: $35

sipix snap digital camera for beginners
SiPix Snap Digital Camera for beginners

Part# 470246
Price: $36

digital camera
1.3 Mega Pixel Digital Camera

Part# 470244
Price: $65


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