ISA Motherboards – are they still available – what are they used for

ISA motherboards are used in many applications from manufacturing, voice mail servers to POS terminals, KIOSKS to ATM machines, and many other applications. In most situations, the ISA slots are used to host an SBC. The software runs on the host computer with the ISA slot motherboard. That software through the SBC controls the intended machinery.

computers and ISA motherboards come in various form factors and CPU compatibility. P4 Socket 478 Motherboard with 3 ISA slots, isa motherboard,

Here are some form factors of ISA motherboards:

  • AT and Baby AT ISA motherboards
  • Micro ATX
  • ATX ISA motherboards

Here are some examples of ISA motherboards by CPU compatibility:

  • Socket 7 and Super Socket 7 ISA motherboards – for low powered DOS applications
  • Slot 1 ISA motherboards – mostly used with Windows 95 and Windows 98 applications
  • Socket 370 ISA motherboards – Windows 98, Windows NT
  • Socket 478 ISA motherboards – Windows 2000, Windows XP applications
  • Socket 775 single core and core 2 duo ISA motherboards – Windows XP and above carries a large stock of ISA motherboards. Give them a call or email them. They can surely help you out.

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  1. Yes is possible, just diuficflt to get hold of parts direct from Dell which is what you need to do, unless you can find one on a site such as eBay, I think if you contact Dell they would probably prefer to sell you an upgraded machine or lots of money for a motherboard.

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