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56k Laptop Modems / Notebook Modems

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The term PC Card modems and PCMCIA modems are used synonymously

Make & Model Modem Description Speed Part #
3COM 3CXM756 PCMCIA Modem. Global GSM V90 with Cellular capability. Xjack. Refurbished. 90 day warranty. 56K 710293
3COM Megahertz 3CXM556 PCMCIA Data/Fax laptop modem with XJack. Cellular ready.  Refurbished. 90 day warranty. 56K 710294
Xircom RBEM56G Xircom RBEM56G PCMCIA Modem & LAN card combo. You get a 10/100 LAN and a 56K modem both in one PCMCIA card. 90 day warranty 56K 710724
UmaxLink 56LM V.90 56K Data/Fax PCMCIA modem and 10 Base T Ethernet LAN. You get a modem and a network card in one. Cables included. 90 day warranty. 56K 710856
Psion Gold Card PSION WAN Global 56K with Combine iT is a global V.90 Data/Fax modem approved in over 40 countries and is ready to connect wherever you are in the world. US style dongle included. The Psion Gold Card is a 16-bit Type II PCMCIA card. Used. 90 day warranty. 56K 710740
3COM Megahertz 3CCFEM556B V.90 Data/Fax PCMCIA Modem with built-in Ethernet 10/100 Network Card. You get a modem and a network card in one. 56K 710283
Creative Labs DI5615 Creative Lavs DI5615 PCMCIA Modem Blaster v.90 56K 56K 720853
Creative Labs Modem Blaster PCMCIA Internal PCMCIA laptop modem 56K V.90 Data / Fax PC Card modem for laptops. 56K 710854
Viking FM56KPA PCMCIA, External Modem, KFlex technology V.90 Data/Fax. Works in both PC and MAC PowerBooks. Cellular ready. Compatible with 486 and up laptops. 56K 710613
Cable for Viking Modems Replacement cable for the Viking FM56KPA  For connecting the modem to the phone outlet. Viking part # 5009007. In case you loose the cable that comes with the modem. 56K 710615
Diamond Supra 56K PC Card Modem Internal PCMCIA 56K V.90 Data / Fax modem for laptops.  You get a modem and a cable/dongle.  New: 90 day warranty. 56K 710043
Global Village Teleport PCMCIA, PC Card Modem, X2, Data/Fax 56K 710804
Global Village Teleport PCMCIA, PC Card Modem, KFlex technology, Data/Fax 56K 710806
Global Village Teleport PCMCIA, PC Card Modem + Ethernet Combo, KFlex technology, Data/Fax 56K 710808
TDK Cyber Express 5600 PC card Fax/Modem Twice the speed of standard modems. Built-in telephone answering machine. Digital line protection. Rockwell KFlex technology 56K 710720
TDK 5630CE 56K cellular modem for handheld 56K 710721
TDK 5660 TDK's Global freedom is a fax/modem solution for cellular phones 56K 710723
Simplejack 56K communicator Pro with Simplejack for cellular phone 56K 710727
Simplejack 56K communicator with Simplejack for landline phone 56K 710728
New Media 56K Net Surfer PCMCIA, PC Card Modem, KFlex technology, Data/Fax 56K 710450
CNet Technology Model CNFM560-RF   V.90 Data/Fax/Voice Modem 56K 710826
US Robotics Megahertz CC5560 Internal PCMCIA Modem for laptops, Data/Fax PCMCIA Modem, cellular capable. Refurbished. 90 day warranty. 56K 710289
US Robotics Megahertz XJ1560 Internal laptop Modem, Data/Fax PCMCIA Modem XJack. Refurbished. 90 day warranty. 56K 710290
Xircom RealPort Integrated PC card connection. 56K 710724
Generic PC Card Modem V.90 Data/Fax modem. PCMCIA. Lucent chipset. 56K 710843
Cirrus 56K Fax Modem PCMCIA Fax Modem Card, RJ-11 cables,  V.90and V.34, Works with DOS/Windows 3.x, NT 4.0 Win.95, 98 (1 year warranty) 56K 710841
Generic 56Kbps Modem PCMCIA Fax Modem card, RJ-11 cables
Require 386SX Microprocessor or higher, 4MB SDRAM or more, Win 3.1, DOS, 95, 98, NT 4.0 or Win 2000
56K 710822
Wisecom WS-5614CMS Rockwell, PCMCIA External, Data/Fax. V.90 PCMCIA 56K 710718
Commwave 56K PCMCIA, KFlex technology, Data/Fax. Requires Pentium 166mhz, 16MB RAM, Window 95/98 56K 710713
IBM PC Card Modem IBM PCMCIA 56K V.90 X-Jack Modem
IBM # 607010100064  ( 1 year warranty ). Made for IBM by 3COM. 3COM model XJ5560.
56K 710823
3COM Megahertz 3CXM356 PCMCIA Winmodem with XJack connector. Cellular ready. Designed for users who work exclusively in the windows environment.  Refurbished. 90 day warranty. 56K 710284
3COM Megahertz 3CCM556 PCMCIA Data/Fax modem. Cellular ready. 90 day warranty. 56K 710291
Motorola MDM-DF5660 Motorola Global Data/Fax PCCard Cellular/Modem. V.90 56K capable technology. Backwards compatible : K56Flex , 33.6K (ITU-T V.34) 56K 710730
Intel 56K PCMCIA Data/Fax Modem Intel 56K V.90 PCMCIA Data/Fax Modem. RJ-11 dongle and line coupler included. Slide it in your PCMCIA slot, load the drivers and off you go. New. One year warranty.  56K 710732

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