Motherboards used in CNC routers and manufacturing equipment

Most CNC routers don’t require really high end computers or
motherboards but one thing most require is that good old ISA slot on the
motherboard. The SBC or controller card goes on the 16 bit ISA slot and
via the application software controls the machine. Piece of cake right?
Not quite.

16 bit ISA slots are 80’s technology and today’s major computer
manufacturers don’t make computers with ISA slots.

What do you do if you have a CNC router to maintain or you have
machinery worth millions of dollars to maintain? You call niche vendors
like They maintain a sizeable inventory of computers and
motherboards with ISA slots – from the really old 385 / 486 motherboards
to the more modern Pentium 4 socket 478 and socket 775 motherboards.

Form factor is another issue you may face. Some routers and
manufacturing machinery use the Baby AT style motherboards, some use ATX
while others Micro ATX. It becomes a challenge but what to do – you have
a machine to keep running and if it requires a computer with ISA slots,
then that is what you get. Call if you need help in this

Newer modern routers and machinery use PCI slots so they have less of
a worry, at least for now computers still come with one or two PCI slots
but in a few years, they may fall by the wayside like ISA.

Happy tooling!

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