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Shopify Ecommerce Developers serving Boston, Massachusetts and beyond

Shopify is increasingly becoming popular among ecommerce websites. It’s a hosted solution, that is, you setup your website on Shopify’s servers and that takes the hassles of server management out of the picture. One less headache for the small business owner.

Shopify Ecommerce website

Another reason Shopify is getting popular is the speed and ease with which you can setup your ecommerce website. There are quite a few templates available to get you started quickly. A lot simpler than many of it’s open source brethren like OpenCart, Magento, Os Commerce etc.

So is your Shopify website delivering?

You have good products, you have competitive prices yet you are not selling much. Why? Either you have no traffic or your website stinks.

Ecommerce sales are projected to grow to 434.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. Will you be able to capture your share of it?

Ecommerce Sales

You would agree that most websites look like cookie cutter templates – right? Then why do people keep doing it? Maybe they don’t know any better. Maybe they think it’s expensive to have an elegant design.
What’s expensive is all those lost customers who come to your website and quickly click away.

Then there are savvy people like you who want to improve their websites and their user experience but don’t have the skills in-house to make the necessary changes. It’s hard to find Shopify developers and they are expensive at $60 to $70/hour even if you do get lucky. Paying them that kind of salary on an on-going basis may be more than your business can justify. What to do? When a job goes unfilled, projects get delayed. Delays cost you money and lost opportunities.

Shopify Ecommerce example

That’s where we at Interloper, Inc. come in handy. You can hire us at a fraction of the price and we don’t have to be on your payroll for ever.
We provide you the resources you need. You still remain in charge and in control – you get your job done at a lower cost and on time.
Accolades and a leg up over your competition may follow.

Sometimes you may look at competitors websites and they look beautiful and generate more business. You wish your website looked that good and delivered results. You can have an even better looking site given the right talent. Generally we first assign you one of our creative designers who works with you to put together a design that reflects your vision for your website, looks elegant and professional and most importantly meets the expectations of the type of customers you are trying to attract. After that, we hand it over to our developers to integrate the design into the backend and incorporate all the necessary functionalities. We do it this way because you get better results by putting specialists on the job rather than letting one person do everything. Contact us
– we can only help. Whether you are in Boston, Massachusetts or elsewhere in the world, we can help you.

At Interloper, Inc. our roots are in E-Commerce and it continues to
be the strongest part of our business. We ensure that your Shopify site is SEO ready, analytics and site map plugins are installed, payment and shipping integration is in place, and it has all the components necessary to conduct ecommerce in a safe and efficient manner.

What are the keys to an effective website?

1. Function – it must operate smoothly both for the customer and for the administrator.
2. Visual appeal – design is important. A visually appealing website makes the customer feel more comfortable about the company and it’s products.
3. User experience – Make it easy for a customer to find the  information he needs, make it easy for him to place an order and build a follow up mechanism to stay in touch with the customer so he feels reassured that he is good hands.

Let us help you make the most of our Shopify website and do more business at a lower cost. Translation – greater profitability. Call or email us.

Shopify Ecommerce Boston, Massachusetts, USA

We can also help you build customer follow up functionalities for your Shopify website that build customer loyalty and can generate additional revenues.

For future maintenance also, you don’t have to advertise and spend precious time going over resumes. You just let us know and we provide the right Shopify resources. Your job gets done economically, without hassle and on time while you focus on doing what you do best – running.

Serving Boston, Massachusetts and clients worldwide.

Another service that we offer our Shopify clients is creating and
uploading product feeds to Google Shopping,, eBay, Amazon, Shopzilla, Price Grabber, and The more customer exposure you give your products, the better the chances of making a sale. Whether you are based in the Greater Boston,  area of Massachusetts , USA or elsewhere in the world, thanks to the internet, we can help you with your Shopify ecommerce site. Give us a call – you’ll be glad you did!

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Jan 012017

computers with ISA slots

We provide you with several solutions regarding computers with ISA slots. If you like building your own computers, we can provide you with just the motherboards with ISA slots and you can put together the rest of the system. If you prefer fully assembled and tested computer systems with ISA slots, we can do that also.

Here are some examples of motherboards, kits and computer systems with ISA slots.

desktop computers with 1 ISA slots, micro atx or baby AT style, form factor, format isa slot, pentium, pentium II and pentium III computers with 3 isa slots

Mid Tower ATX computer with 3 ISA slots

micro atx motherboard with 1 isa slot, biostar m6vlr, mainboard with isa slot

Biostar M6VLR micro ATX Socket 370 motherboard with 1 ISA slot. VIA VT8601A(PLE133T) Chipset, 133 FSB, 2×168-pin PC-133 SDRAM DIMM sockets, 3 x PCI, 1 x ISA, 1 x AMR socket. On-Board Audio with horizontal jacks, Video and LAN

Mid Tower computers with 1 ISA slots, micro atx or baby AT style, form factor, format isa slot, 3 isa also available, pentium III and pentium 4

Mid Tower or Full Tower computer with 1 to 3 ISA slots

baby at motherboard with 3 isa slots, asus sp97-v, baby at mainboard with isa slot

Asus SP97-V Socket 7 Baby AT motherboard. SIS 5598 chipset. 4 PCI, 3 ISA slot(s). 4SIMM sockets. 512K cache.

rackmount computers with 1 ISA slot, 2 isa slots pentium 4 computers with 3 ISA slots,

Rackmount computers with 1 to 3 ISA slots

pentium 4 motherboard with 3 isa slots, SY-P4I845GVISA PLUS socket 478 with 3 ISA slots

Soyo SY-P4I845GVISA PLUS Pentium 4 socket 478 motherboard with 3 ISA slots. Two DDR333/266 DIMM sockets. 4 PCI and 3 ISA Slots. On-board audio, video and LAN. ATX Form Factor.

industrial rackmount computers with 8 ISA slots, micro atx or baby AT style, form factor, format isa slot, 5 to 10 ISA slots

Industrial computers with 3 to 8 ISA slots – up to 11 ISA slots

passive backplane with 10 isa slots or 11 isa slots, picmg industrial rackmount computer with isa slots

19-Slot (7xPCI, 12 ISA) PICMG Backplane,3rd generation design of ACTI-Backplane, Enhanced PCB thickness to prevent bending, As many as 11 ISA slots for legacy bus applications, More PICMG CPU slots to fit versatile SBC boards, Specially designed capacitor which lowers the ESR and prevents explosion, Well-designed power ensures sufficient power is delivered to every slot.

Your requirements may be different. Let us know how many ISA slots you need, what speed CPU you need, what kind of case / chassis you prefer and we will try to come with the best possible solution. Feel free to contact us.

Dec 202016

Yes we stock and sell used and refurbished Windows 98 laptops. To many this may sound silly but we do have customers whose applications require older laptops running either DOS, Windows 95 or Windows 98.
Many are used for programming other equipment in the field or for controlling machinery. Low powered applications but important nonetheless. Usually they require a serial port, floppy and hard drive on the laptop. Nothing fancy but gets the job done.

 laptops with Windows 98 and serial port for sale

Are you in need of a Windows 98 laptop? You have come to the right place. Contact us to check on current stock. Even if we don’t have the right one, we can generally get one for you.

Dec 192016

Norstar M7208 Telephone (NT8B30AE-03)

Norstar M7208 Features
This basic telephone is ideal for users who need access to just a few lines, programmable features, and autodial numbers. The M7208 is well-suited for areas with shared telephones like manufacturing plants, retail departments, or repair.
Provides up to 6 lines
8 programmable buttons
1 line by 16 character LCD display

The Norstar m7208 telephone is compatible with all releases of Norstar CICS and MICS 6X16 NT5B01, 8×24 NT5B20 and 3×8 NT5B05


To order this part, click here

Dec 152016

ECS P5SV-B motherboard

ECS P5SV-B motherboard, socket 7 motherboard baby at 3 isa slots

  • BIOS:
    • Award BIOS
  • Form Factor:
    • Baby AT 8.6″ x 8.6″

motherboard Specifications

  • Model:
    • ECS P5SV-B
  • Processor Support:
    • Intel Pentium, Pentium with MMX, Cyrix/IBM 6×86, AMD K5/K6
  • Chipset:
    • SiS 5571
  • Memory:
    • Four SIMM sockets. Maximum: 256MB
  • Expansion Slots:
    • 3 PCI slots
    • 3 ISA slots
  • Internal I/O Interface:
    • 2 16C550 compatible Buffer Fast Serial Ports
    • Dual PCI IDE ports up to 4 IDE devices(PIO mode 4, Bus Master
    • Supports 360K~2.88M Byte or 3 Mode FDDs
    • AT keyboard connector & PS/2 mouse adapter
    • PC/AT Power Supply Connector
    • 2 USB headers Support
    • IrDA or ASKIR infrared interface
    • RTC built-in System chip

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