15 inch LCD monitor flat panel

Dell E153FPf (Charcoal Gray)

15″ LCD Monitor


15" lcd monitors for sale, dell e153fpf

  • Regulatory Approvals:
    • FCC
    • CE
    • UL
    • Energy Star

  • Specifications:
    • Color: Charcoal gray
    • Active-matrix TFT LCD
    • 15-inch viewable image
    • 1024 x 768 optimal resolution
    • Horizontal scan range: 30 kHz to 63 kHz (auto)
    • Vertical scan range: 56 Hz to 76 Hz (auto)
    • 0.297 mm² pixel pitch
    • 400:1 contrast ratio
    • 250 cd/m² birghtness
    • 100°(V)/120°(H) viewing angles
    • 25 ms response time
  • Connectors:
    One (1) 15-pin VGA
  • Power Specifications:
    AC Input: 100~240V 50/60 Hz 1.5A
  • Unit Dimensions and Weight:
    • 13.87 x 13.54 x 5.31-inches (H x W x D, with stand)
    • 11.02 x 13.54 x 2.67-inches (H x W x D, without stand
    • Weight: 2.9 lbs (without stand)
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Citizen W1D Laptop Floppy Drive

Citizen W1D Laptop Floppy Drive

Citizen’s W-series drives are the world’s thinnest floppy disk drives designed specifically for notebook PCs and other portable applications. With a weight of only 200 grams and such small dimensions, there is no need to compromise your design by omitting an industry standard storage medium.citizen w1d floppy drive,

With Citizen’s skill in miniaturization and high-precision mechatronics, you can be sure that the W-series drives gives you all the benefits of a standard drive in a small package without affecting performance and reliability.

This model floppy drive should be compatible with some LeCroy Waverunner oscilloscopes (series: LT224/LT322/LT342/LT344/LT364 ). Please check with LeCroy to guarantee compatibility.


Model Number Citizen W1D
Capacity 2MB/ 1.6MB/ 1MB switchable auto sensing
Bezel Color Black
LED Color Green
Interface 26-way, 1mm pitch FFC, including data and power


Dimensions 0.43-inch high, 3.8-inch wide, 4.57 inch deep. See diagram for full details
Power Requirements 4.5 to 5.5 volts. 1.1 watt reading, 0.015 watt standby
Weight 130g ( 0.33 lbs )
Vibration (maximum) 0.5G operational; 4.5G standby. ( 5 – 500 Hz )
Eject button Ultra-slim, short stroke – 3.5 mm. Flush when ejected.
MTBF 20,000 hours ( under typical usage )

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Wireless Headphones for TV

A wireless device that helps maintain peace in the house

A husband and wife were having an argument. They had both been watching Monday Night Football in bed. The Cowboys were down 3-21 to the Redskins at half time but right after half time, they scored in quick succession to make it 17-21. It was promising to be a real nail biter but just then your wife turned the TV off as she was feeling sleepy – and the argument started.

Sounds familiar? Don’t you wish there were wireless headphones for TV. It would help maintain peace in the house. Well you are in luck. There are wireless headphones for TV now and most cost less than $100.

You want to watch TV but your spouse has fallen asleep. You can turn off the TV and go to sleep too but you want to watch Monday Night Football. You can get out of bed and move to the other room and watch it there. But that’s not as much fun. Don’t you wish there were wireless headphones for TV. Well you are in luck. There are wireless headphones for TV now and most cost less than $100.

A wireless headphone set generally includes:

  • Transmitter / Emitter: It connects to your TV, DVD player, receiver, gaming console or other audio/video device and sends out the audio signal.
  • Wireless Headphones: Most are over the head type or around the neck. The transmitter takes the audio signal from the TV and transmits it to the wireless headphones. The best headphones have volume controls.
  • Optional Additional headsets: If more than one person wants to listen to the audio. For example, you and your spouse can both have wireless headphones so you can both watch TV while your child sleeps.
  • Optional Earpad covers: Generally the earpads wear out on wireless headphones over time. When that happens, you don’t have to buy new wireless headphones – just buy replacement earpad covers.

No more arguments about watching TV in bed when your spouse wants to sleep. And no more waking up your spouse or baby because the TV is too loud. Now you can enjoy those
late-night sports events, movies, news, and comedy shows you love without turning off the volume. headphone reviews, best headphones, wireless headphones for tv,

What excuse do you have now for not having a wireless headphone? Millions like you have bought peace in their house with cordless headphones.

You can listen to your TV, stereo, or any other audio device at a volume that is comfortable for you. It is ideal if you have difficulty hearing or if you simply want to watch television at a different volume than others. You adjust the volume on the headset to suit your personal needs. If your spouse wants to talk to you, she or he can pause the show.

Wireless headphones work just like your remote control, sending an invisible infrared signal from your television or any other audio device to the comfortable, lightweight headset. Unlike radio frequency devices, infrared is not subject to interference from cordless phones, wireless networks, microwaves, etc.

Like working out at home? Own a treadmill? That thing is noisy and you have to really crank up the volume on your TV or Stereo. With wireless headphones, you don’t have to be a public nuisance anymore.

Are you a night owl? Many people are especially if they are retired and don’t have to go to work in the morning. Many people have difference programming preferences than their spouses and they record their favorite shows on DVR. When one goes to sleep, the other catches up on his or her favorite recorded shows. Now if you hate turning down the volume, you will disturb your spouse. What to do? Buy a wireless headphone and you can both be happy.

All in all, you’ll agree that a wireless headphone will help you enjoy your TV and other audio / video programming without guilt. You are a considerate person and now you have a gadget to help you maintain peace in the house.

While prices are on the rise, you can still get a good wireless headphone for less than $100.

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Intel D915GUX Motherboard

Socket 775,Pentium,Celeron D,915G Chipset,2 PCI, 2 PCI Express,DDR2,Onboard Audio,Video,Lan,IDE,SATA,Micro ATX.

151427533bt07658, Intel  D915GUX Motherboard Socket 775,Pentium,Celeron D,915G Chipset,2 PCI, 2 PCI Express,DDR2,Onboard Audio,Video,Lan,IDE,SATA,Micro ATX, (GW)151427533bt07658

  • Storage:
    • IDE
    • SATA
  • Form Factor:
    • Micro ATX

  • On-Board LAN:
    • The board provides one of the following:
    • Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbits/sec) LAN subsystem using the Marvel Yukon* 88E8050 PCI Express* Gigabit Ethernet controller
    • 10/100 Mbits/sec LAN subsystem using the Intel® 82562EZ Platform LAN Connect (PLC) device

  • Rear Panel I/O Ports:
    • Eight USB 2.0 ports
    • One serial port
    • One parallel port
    • Four Serial ATA interfaces
    • One parallel ATA IDE interface with UDMA 33, ATA-66/100 support

INTEL D915GUX Specifications

  • Model:
    • INTEL D915GUX for Gateway E series, emachines and other computer systems
  • Processor Support:
    • Supports Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor Extreme Edition (LGA775 socket with 800 MHz system bus)
    • Supports Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor supporting Hyper-Threading Technology† (LGA775 socket with 533/800 MHz system bus)
    • Supports Intel® Celeron® D Processor (LGA775 socket with 533 MHz system bus)

  • Chipset:
    • Intel® 915G Chipset
  • Memory:
    • Four 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM DIMM sockets
    • Support for DDR2 533 MHz or DDR2 400 MHz DIMMs
    • Support for up to 4 GB of system memory

  • Expansion Slots:
    • Two PCI Conventional* bus add-in card connectors (SMBus routed to PCI Conventional bus connector 2)
    • One PCI Express* x1 bus add-in card connector
    • One PCI Express* x16 bus add-in card connector

  • On-Board Audio:
    • Intel® High Definition Audio subsystem using the Realtek ALC860 audio codec*
  • On-Board Video:
    • Intel® GMA 900 onboard graphics subsystem
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Hard drive mounting kit

This mounting kit helps you mount a 3.5″ hard disk drive in a 5.25″ bay. Use this kit when you run out of the internal 3.5″ bays or if you want more space between hard drives to keep them cool.The metal frames (brackets) help dissipate heat off the hard drive. Each kit includes two brackets.



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