Can take up to a 486 DX50. 8ISA slots. 8 30Pin SIMM sockets. OPTI F82C206L and OPTI 82C496 B1 chipsets. AMI BIOS. Dimensions 10″ Length, 8.5″ width. Baby AT form factor. I/O controller and I/O cables sold separately.

Tyan S2735G3NR-8M Motherboard for sale, price and availability,

MICROSTAR MS-5169 socket 7 motherboard with 3 isa slots


Socket 7 motherboard with 3 ISA slots

MS-5169, three 16-bit ISA slots, msi ms-5169, ATX Form Factor ,Socket 7,Intel® Pentium, AMDmotherboard

    • 512KB Pipelined Burst SRAM on board
  • BIOS:
    • The mainboard BIOS provides “Plug & Play” BIOS which detects the peripheral devices and expansion cards of the board automatically.
    • The mainboard provides a Desktop Management Interface (DMI) function which records your mainboard specifications.
  • Internal I/O Interface:
    • An IDE controller on the AladdinRM1543c PCI Chipset provides IDE HDD/CD-ROM with PIO Bus Master and Ultra DMA/33 operation modes.
    • Connect up to four IDE devices.
  • MICROSTAR MS-5169 Form Factor:
    • ATX Form Factor. 11.81″ (W) x7.32 inches(L)
      {30cm x 18.6cm}

motherboard Specifications

  • Processor Support:
    • Support Socket 7 for Intel® Pentium®,
    • Cyrix® 6×86 / 6x86L / 6x86MX, AMD® K6/K6-2/K6-III processors
  • Chipset:
    • ALi Aladdin V (M1541 & M1543C) AGPse
    • Supports 66 ~ 100MHz 
  • Memory:
    • Supports six memory banks using three 168-pin unbuffered DIMM.
    • Supports a maximum memory size of 768MB
    • Supports ECC(Error Check Correct) and EC(Multiple-Bit Error Correction) function.(100 MHz without ECC)
    • Supports 3.3v EDO and SDRAM DIMM.
  • MICROSTAR MS-5169 Expansion Slots:
    • One AGP(Accelerated Graphics Port) slot.
    • 4 x 32-bit bus mastering PCI slots
    • 3 x 16-bit ISA slots
  • Rear Panel I/O Ports:
    • 1 floppy port supports 2 FDD with 360K, 720K, 1.2M,1.44M and 2.88Mbytes.
    • 2 serial ports (COMA + COMB)
    • 1 parallel port supports SPP/EPP/ECP mode
    • 2 USB ports
    • 1 IrDA connector for SIR
Tyan S2735G3NR-8M Motherboard for sale, price and availability,

ECS P5VP-A+ super socket 7 ATX Motherboard with 2 ISA, 1 AGP and 4 PCI slots – specifications, price and availability

ECS P5VP-A+ motherboard

ecs p5vp-a motherboard, socket 7 motherboard atx 2 isa slots

  • Internal I/O Interface:
    • One-EPP/ECP mode parellel port
    • Two-16550 high speed serial I/O ports
    • Dual PCI IDE ports up to 4 HDDs(PIO mode 4,DMA Mode 2,Ultra DMA 33)
    • Supports 360K~2.88M byte or 3Mode FDDs
    • PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse connector
    • ATX power supply connector
    • Two sets of USB connector
    • Other ports
      • IrDA Headers
      • Green indicator LED Connector
      • CPU Fan Power headers
      • Internal Modem Ring Wake Up & LAN card wake up functions
  • BIOS:
    • Award BIOS

motherboard Specifications

  • Model:
    • ECS P5VP-A+

    Processor Support:

    • 321-pin ZIF socket (Socket 7) with Switching Voltage Regulator 2.0~3.5V
    • Intel Pentium processor with MMX technology 166~233 MHz
    • AMD-K6 PR266-PR300, K6-2 233~550 and K6-III up to 450MHz.
    • Cyrix/IBM 6x86MXâ„¢ PR166-PR350 processors and Cyrix MII up to 333Mhz.
  • Chipset:
    • VIA MVP3 Chipset
  • Memory:
    • 3 168 pin DIMM sockets, 768MB max
  • Expansion Slots:
    • 1 AGP
    • 4 PCI
    • 2 ISA 
  • Form Factor:
    • ATX 12.0″ x 7.2″
Tyan S2735G3NR-8M Motherboard for sale, price and availability,

Micronics D5-CUB

micronics d5 cub socket 7 baby at motherboard

Intel 430HX chipset, 512K cache.

4 PCI, 3 ISA (1 shared), 4SIMM sockets support up to a max of 128MB RAM.


Supports Pentium 75 to 200.

Baby AT form factor.

Dimensions: 8.7″W x 11″D.

Tyan S2735G3NR-8M Motherboard for sale, price and availability,


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