Review of PressBot by Incansoft

I bought PressBot thinking it would do what it advertises and automate distribution of my press releases. Boy was I wrong.

It seems this software (PressBot) has not been updated in years.

It has 27 sites listed to which you can supposedly submit press releases. Not a big number but good enough.

The fun starts when you try to open accounts with these 27 sites. Most of them are out of synch with PressBot’s signup program. So I basically had to manually sign up for all of them. In fact it will be a lot faster if you do it manually. Activate Auto Fill on your browser and it will be less painful and faster.

The next step is submission. It does not work – again because the format in which the target sites are asking for information, PressBot does not deliver. So you are back to manual.

Of those 27 sites, more than half seem to belong to the same person / company. They are identical wordpress sites which may be more suitable for article submission than press releases. Maybe Incansoft owns those sites also as they don’t seem to have been updated either.

Even on sites where PressBot works, it does not upload the keywords / tags.

Result: Out of 27 sites, it was able to submit to 9 sites. All the others you have to do manually.

I think I got cheated out of $30.

Save your $30 and submit manually. Use Auto Fill on your browser and it will be faster than trying to grapple with a software that was probably written 10 years ago and never updated.

No wonder the guy does not offer a refund. He knows what he is selling.

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  1. Thanks for your PressBot review – you saved me from wasting $30. What made me keep looking for PressBot reviews was the fact that most reviews available were from several years ago . I’m glad I kept looking for something recent.

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