Mar 222017
14 Bay External Drive Enclosure

An external drive enclosure is the physical case that houses and powers a hard drive. The enclosure contains the electronics and interfaces that allow a hard drive to connect to a computer. They are also called disk enclosures or drive enclosures.

For businesses, multi-bay external hard drive enclosures can be used to cluster hard drives for network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SANs) and RAID.

Most computers come with space for 1 or 2 hard drvies. For storage intensive applications or networks, drive enclosures can provide the required additional storage. Disk enclosures also have the following advantages and capabilities: 

  • They can be easily connected to video game systems and digital multimedia recorders
  • They can add redundant array of independent disk (RAID) capabilities to computers that do not have RAID controllers
  • They allow non-networked computers to easily transfer data from one computer to another
  • They add a removable backup capability with a distinct power source from the connected computer
  • They reduce cooling requirements inside the computer
  • They support hot swapping with an inexpensive and simple configuration
  • They provide physical protection for hard drives

If you are looking for an external drive enclosure for your business, here is a great example.

Bex-CD-14B with the following features:

14 Bay External Drive Enclosure

14 Bay External Drive Enclosure

For 3.5″ hard drives, IDE or SCSI, or

5.25″ DVD burners or CD-ROM drives

14 x 5.25″ Drive Bays

Use it for a RAID setup or regular stand alone

It comes with 4 rear cooling fans, two power supplies with a LED light and weighs 40lbs. To purchase, click  

Order Now

Order Now

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