Refurbished laptop with Windows98, serial port, floppy & hard drive …

Refurbished Laptop with Windows 98SE, serial port, floppy drive

IBM ThinkPad 380XD used laptop with Windows 98se

Pentium 233, 160MB RAM, 40.0GB HD, CD-ROM, Floppy, 12.1″ TFT Display

Common Uses: 

  • Programming machines and equipment.
  • Field equipment calibration.
  • Software requiring very slow processors


    • Pentium 233MHz with MMX technology
      Used IBM Thinkpad 380XD laptop with windows 95
    • L1 internal CPU cache: 32KB
    • L2 external CPU cache std/max: 256KB / 256KB
    • Hard disk size: 40.0 GB
    • Memory (RAM) 160MB
    • Internal Floppy Device: 3.5-inch, 1.44MB
    • Internal 20X CD-ROM
    • Screen max resolution: 800×600
    • Screen type description: TFT 

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    • Viewable image size (diagonal): 12.1 inches
    • Expansion Slots / Ports:
      • Plug and play support: Yes
      • PCMCIA Ports: Two
      • Parallel ports: EPP/ECP
      • Serial ports: 9-pin 16550
      • AC adapter jack
      • External VGA Display port
      • Infrared port
      • PS/2 port for external Keyboard/mouse/numpad
      • Line in (stereo)
      • Line out (stereo)
      • Speakers (stereo) / headphone jack, Volume control (dial)
    • Pointing device type: TrackPoint
    • Keyboard type standard: Full size 85 key (palm rest space)
    • Numeric keypad: Integrated
    • Actual unit weight 7.1lbs
    • Operating System:
      Windows 98SE
  • NOTE:
    Does not have a battery. You can still use it with the AC Adapter
    by plugging it to your regular household power outlet. You can also
    buy a new battery from us for $129.
  • Why buy from us:
    1. We are an established 13 year old
      company dealing in computer hardware and consumer electronics.
    2. We test our laptops to ensure they work. On top of that we give youa 30 day warranty in case something happens.
    3. We install the operating system and
      make sure everything is working so you have no issues.
on items / upgrades
Item Description Price
PCMCIA Modem $30
New Li-Ion battery $129
Black canvas carrying case
Corel WordPerfect Office 2000
Suite: Includes WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9, Corel Presentations 9,
CorelCentral 9, Trellix 2, Microsoft Visual Basic for Application and Adobe
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Interloper SC3 Computer System with 3 ISA slots


Interloper SC3

Computer System with 3 ISA slots

Ideal for those looking for a DOS, Windows 95 or Windows 98 system

Interloper SC3 - ISA computer with 3 isa slots, PC system with three ISA slots, DOS system,

  • Mid Tower case with power supply
  • motherboard with 3 ISA slots, 4 PCI and 1 AGP slot
  • 300 MHz CPU
  • 64MB SDRAM memory, upgradeable to 768MB
  • 20GB hard drive. Most low end applications don’t require a bigger drive. However; if you need a bigger driver, just let us know.
  • Floppy drive
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Basic video – 15 pin VGA
  • 2 x 9 pin serial ports
  • 1 x parallel printer port
  • 2 x USB ports
  • 1 x PS/2 keyboard and 1 x PS/2 mouse port
  • Compatible with DOS, Windows 95/98. It will probably run NT also but may be a bit slow for that.
  • No operating system. If you want us to install one for you, let us know and we can quote you.


  • The picture above is for representation only. We may use a different case or motherboard. Rest assured the configuration will accommodate 3 full length ISA cards (13.25″ length).
  • Since the technology used in such systems is older, most of the parts in this configuration will be used or refurbished.
  • Our warranty will cover all parts, new, used or refurbished.

Interloper SC3 - computer with 3 isa slots, PC system with three ISA slots, Windows 95 system, Interloper SC3, computer with 3 isa slots, PC system with three ISA slots, Windows 98 system,

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Laptops with Windows 95 and serial port


Yes we stock and sell used and refurbished laptops with Windows 95. To many this may sound silly but we do have customers whose applications require older laptops running either DOS, Windows 95 or Windows 98. Usually they require a serial port, floppy and hard drive on the laptop. Nothing fancy but gets the job done.

 laptops with Windows 95 and serial port for sale

Contact us to check on current stock. Even if we don’t have the right one, we can generally get one for you.