How to watch TV in bed without disturbing others

watch TV in bed without disturbing others

How can you watch TV in bed without disturbing your partner or roommate? You can try dimming the screen if the brightness is the problem or switch to watching on your iPad or tablet. However, from my personal experience, the problem is oftentimes the sound, not the brightness. If that is the case, the answer is quite simple. Just find yourself a good pair of wireless headphones.

Watch TV with a wireless headset
Wireless Headset

There are many options available on the market but our favorite is the The Unisar TV920 Infrared Wireless Headphones. Valued at only $79.99, they are a cordless infrared headphone system that lets you enjoy your TV or music without disturbing others. Connect the transmitter to the TV audio output, put on the headphones and enjoy watching TV without the sound disturbing others.

Some people as they age are hard of hearing and turn on the TV volume too high. That distrubs others. This wireless headphone set will let you watch TV and listen at a volume that is comfortable for you without disturbing others.

Your partner needs one too? Hmmm – maybe they would like to listen to a volume that suits them better. Buy an additional headset and you can both have your own volume settings.

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